Welcome to the Large Breed Dog Rescue

We are a small rescue for Big Dogs in the UK.

We take in and rehome large breed dogs and large cross breeds, we give them the care and attention they need before finding them a safe and secure forever home.

Dogs can come into rescue for many reasons through no fault of their own, we take in abandoned and unwanted dogs, dogs from pounds that are at risk of being put to sleep and dogs that for a variety of reasons cannot stay with their families any longer.

The one thing they all have in common is the need of a warm, safe, loving home and a family of their own.

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Our Mission Statement.

We are committed to saving and rehoming large breed dogs and large cross breeds, we have a strict non-destruct policy and never put a dog to sleep unless under veterinary advice. We neuter, vaccinate and microchip all dogs before they go to their new homes, the only exceptions to this is for health reasons or if the dog is too young or old. All dogs receive veterinary care and treatment if needed, all dogs are fully assessed, all homes are thoroughly vetted, contracts are signed, follow up checks are carried out and all the dogs have lifetime backup, advice and support are always available. All of the work with the dogs and their day to day care is carried out by volunteers and we run a strict non profit policy, we rely solely on donations and the generosity of others to continue our work.

We believe every dog deserves the chance of a happy life, so please consider giving a rescue dog a forever home, your life will be enriched and your dog will be your faithful friend.

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